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 The Samurai Beetle!

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PostSubject: The Samurai Beetle!   Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:14 pm

The Samurai Beetle!

the 'bug' with a 'human' face!

This beetle from Japan is doubly interesting in that it shows a different face depending on which direction it's viewed from. Look from behind and you're reminded of a bearded sage. From the front, the image is even more remarkable - a samurai's face, right down to the distinctive traditional hairstyle!

Of course, evolution didn't set out to give the beetle markings that resemble a human face - after all, the beetle was probably around long before human beings were. Many creatures - and insects especially - have evolved complex and elaborate recognition patterns that are intended to ward off predators. Often these patterns include contrasting eye spots... then our imaginative minds do the rest by using other features around the eye-spots to approximate a human face. Tis colorful Japanese beetle is a prime example!

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The Samurai Beetle!

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