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 Nokia X2 stops bullet

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PostSubject: Nokia X2 stops bullet   Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:12 pm

Nokia X2 stops bullet, saves a life in Syria
There are plenty of memes going around that
feature the classic Nokia 3310 feature phone, where
it proved to be one tough cookie. Well, are all Nokias
built tough? That remains to be seen, but one thing
is for sure – earlier this morning, someone on
Facebook reported about an incident that happened
in war torn Syria, a country that is going through the
bitter struggles of a civil war. It seems that an owner
of the Nokia X2 was filming the action that is
happening between the rebels and military, where
bombs and bullets were let off with wanton
This did not fail to deter the Nokia X2′s owner who
moved closer to the action, and when he was still
shooting a video halfway with the Nokia X2
remaining nearly in front of his mouth as his right
hand held it, the incident happened. A bullet struck
the Nokia X2, but remained stuck in the handset,
meaning it stopped the bullet altogether, sacrificing
its digital life for its human owner. The image above
does seem to indicate otherwise, however. No idea
on just how true this is, but it is a heart warming
incident to read about where technology saves
another life yet again, an old one at that.

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Nokia X2 stops bullet

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